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Monday, October 28, 2013

Meet DAVID DANIEL, A Little Boy Paper Doll

January 28, 1917.  This paper doll is ready for school and play.  David Daniel also has a very warm coat to wear on cold winter days.

Taffy Pulling on Halloween

October 25, 1914.  This quaint illustration is from a newspaper article about decorating for Halloween.


July 26, 1931.  "Make This Spool Cat.  Cut out pussy's head and tail upon the dotted lines.  Next mount these upon thin cardboard or rather heavy paper.  Color pussy as you think best.  Now glue the head and tail to the ends of a small-sized spool as shown in the little illustration so that the cat can stand.  You can make many more such animals with the aid of ordinary spools and can collect quite a zoo full!"  A very cute idea submitted by S. L. T. Junior member, Hope Nelson.  I have posted several paper dolls that were drawn by Hope Nelson - if the dolls are not on this blog then check my old blog.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


1974.  Another paper doll from the fabulous book by TOM TIERNEY, "Thirty from the 30's".  This is a lovely paper doll of the actress, ANNA MAY WONG, and a costume from the movie, DAUGHTER OF SHANGHAI.  The book includes three more costumes for this paper doll.  I really like that all of the paper dolls are in black and white, just like the movies of the 1930's.

"Any treat will stop a trick . . . as long as it's from POST TREAT-PAK"

October 27, 1958.  LIFE Magazine.  I really like the DICK SARGENT illustrations for POST Cereals.  "No tricks this Halloween when the treat's from POST Treat-Pak.  Six boxes of snack cereals especially for children.  Sugar Crisp, Sugar Rice Krinkles and new POST Alpha-Bits . . . every one -- fun!"


2006.  Another coloring page from the great Dover Coloring Book, "Color Your Own CLASSIC MOVIE POSTERS".  The book has coloring pages for Casablanca, Duck Soup, Asphalt Jungle, Stagecoach, Singing In The Rain, Ben Hur, West Side Story, Giant and many others including the above, FORBIDDEN PLANET.  My favorite page out of the book is for the movie, IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT.  I highly recommend this coloring book.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Paper Dolls from TILLIE the TOILER

 September 08, 1940.  TILLIE at the beach.
July 12, 1942.

BUD BOWMAN Halloween Mask

 October 27, 1949.  "Hi, Kids!  Here's Your BUD BOWMAN Halloween Mask."  A cute Halloween mask from a newspaper ad for BOWMAN MILK.

Anna Belle and Marjorie Enjoy Hallowe'en

October 24, 1915.  Anna Belle has a witch costume and Marjorie will be a ghost for Halloween.  From the ANNA BELLE newspaper paper doll series.

Monday, October 21, 2013


2006.  "Color Your Own CLASSIC MOVIE POSTERS.  Rendered by Marty Noble."  Published by Dover Publications, Inc.  If you love classic movies and movie posters then you must get a copy of this coloring book.  More fun from Dover.


1974.  From the book "Paperdolls for Grownups.  Thirty from the 30's.  Costumes of the Great Stars.  By Tom Tierney."  A Reward Book.  Published by Prentice-Hall, Inc.  Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. - - - A Boris Karloff paper doll as Frankenstein's Monster and as The Mummy.  I love this paper doll book!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Daily "BOOTS"

November 03, 1940.

Brother Harold Enjoys Halloween

October 24, 1915.  Brother Harold enjoys Halloween.  From the ANNA BELLE paper doll series.

HERKY the Hawkeye Mask

August 17, 1997.  I think this mask looks a little like a toaster.  "Disguise self as HERKY THE HAWKEYE.  Cut out mask and attach strings to sides.  Tie mask on face and act crazy."  This mask is from an ad for the '97 Iowa Hawkeye Football team.

Luv Ya BLUE!, Luv Ya BUM!

November 11, 1965.  BUM PHILLIPS passed away yesterday and in his memory I am posting this Stokely's Coloring Contest.  I loved the HOUSTON OILERS back in the 1970's and early 1980's when I was a teenager and young adult.  Mike Barber, Ray Childress and of course, the Tyler Rose - Earl Campbell, were just a few of the players I would cheer for while watching the games on T.V. or listening on the radio.  I loved the OILERS whether they won or lost, and they lost a lot more games than they ever won, but I was a true fan.  I have not cared about football since the people in this city drove the OILERS out of town with their hatred.  I did root for the Tennessee TITANS for several years because so many of the players had been OILERS.  Anyway, thanks BUM for the memories.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Daily "BOOTS" and Her friend BABE

January 26, 1929.  I think that these are lovely paper dolls of BOOTS and BABE.  I have found this paper doll set in only one newspaper and it is so faint - except for the paper doll of Opal and her clothing which is in very good shape.  BOOTS and BABE both have several more outfits.  Does anyone know of a better copy of this paper doll set posted online - I would love to have a good copy.  It is the earliest BOOTS paper doll that I have seen.

NAN the Paper Doll Tumbles Down the Hill

June 18, 1933.  Here's NAN, as Jill, tumbling down the hill.  NAN paper doll from GIRLS comic strip.

Color this TRICK or TREAT Page

October 31, 1977.  Something to color for Halloween.

JOAN Paper Doll

November 02, 1952.  "This is JOAN, the newest paper doll in The Junior Times family."  From the children's page of a Kansas newspaper.  Children of the area submitted their jokes, riddles and drawings to the newspaper.  So far, I have only found three paper dolls.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Daily "BOOTS"

May 22, 1945.

Marvin Graydon Paper Doll

May 15, 1932.  Here is little Marvin Graydon and a selection of outfits that he can choose from to wear on Halloween.  From TOOTS & CASPER.

Newspaper HALLOWEEN Mask from 1970

 October 27, 1970.  "Play Trick or Trick on ROSELYN.  Cut out this Halloween mask.  Color it to your devilish delight.  Then accompanied by an adult wear it to your nearest ROSELYN Bakery.  Scare them, and they'll have a gobblin' good bag of treats just for you."  A Halloween mask from a ROSELYN Bakery ad.  All the ads have a little bit of the edge of the mask cut-off but that is easily fixed so get busy and "scare" your friends with this mask from 1970.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Daily "BOOTS"

June 05, 1938.


December 09, 1937.  The lovely ETTA KETT and her fashionable costumes.

Something To Color For Halloween

October 28, 1987.  That will teach my cat not to wander over to the house next door.  Something fun to color for Halloween.

An Old Woman and Her Broom

February 04, 1900.  Mother Goose Dolls - - - No. 4.  "There was an old woman tossed up in a basket, Ninety times as high as the moon;  And where she was going I couldn't but ask it, But in her hand she carried a broom."  This newspaper cut-out could be used as a Halloween decoration.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Daily "BOOTS"

January 12, 1941.

SNOW WHITE and The Seven Dwarfs on Ice Skates

December 15, 1987.  A newspaper coloring contest for Disney on Ice.  SNOW WHITE and her little gang are having a good time on their ice skates.

The Little Shepherd and The Little Shepherdess Cut-Outs

December 03, 1922.  I hope that you like these two sweet newspaper cut-outs as much as I do.  The Little Shepherd is especially cute with his happy, goofy sheep.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Daily "BOOTS"

November 18, 1945.

TOOTS and Her Pretty Dresses

July 24, 1932.  TOOTS paper doll returns with some new pretty dresses and a beach hat.


December 03, 1922.  Move over Kermit, here comes The ACROBATIC FROG.  First color him with paints, crayons or colored pencils, then get a small stick and some string and follow the above directions.  Have fun with your new friend!  A newspaper cut-out from 1922.