Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The MUPPETS Express

September 27, 1981.  Another MUPPETS coloring contest to promote new Sunday comic strip.  Winners received autographed photographs of the Muppets.  How does a Muppet sign a photo?

POLLY'S Paper Playmates

 February 01, 1936.  "Here is another new doll and her name is ELEANOR."
February 08, 1936.  "Here is big news.  Polly's older sister, Suzanne, is engaged to be married.  She just told Polly all about it and now you know the big secret too."

Sunday, January 27, 2013

ALVIN Paper Doll

November 20, 1938.  An ALVIN paper doll from the BLONDIE comic strip.

SUMMER MAGIC Coloring Contest

August 07, 1963.  This movie starred Hayley Mills, Burl Ives, Dorothy McGuire, Deborah Walley, Eddie Hodges and Una Merkel.  From my movie guide, "Disney rehash of MOTHER CAREY'S CHICKENS has McGuire as widow who raises family on a shoestring in rambling Maine house.  Burl Ives sings The Ugly Bug Ball.  Pleasant but forgettable."  I have never seen this movie.  SUMMER MAGIC was directed by James Neilson.

3 Paper Dolls Named BETTY

 March 17, 1929.  BETTY paper doll by Florence Shinn, age 16.

 July 21, 1929.  BETTY paper doll by Helen Mayer, age 14.

August 04, 1929.  BETTY paper doll by Celeste Devant, age 15.  All these girls were AUNT ELSIE Club members.

Friday, January 25, 2013

SNOW WHITE Coloring Contest

 June 26, 1983.  A newspaper coloring contest for the re-release of the Walt Disney classic "SNOW WHITE".
July 03, 1983.


 February 13, 1944.  Some new dresses for BOOTS.

January 30, 1944.  BABE also has new additions to her wardrobe.  Many thanks to Edgar Martin.

Dollar Signs and Leopard Spots

 April 09, 1939.  "Just Count The Dollar and Cent Marks in The Picture".  Contest from a newspaper ad for GUNTER'S Jewelry Store in Anniston, Alabama.

October 05, 1944.  "Just Count The Leopard Spots."  Contest from a newspaper ad for HARPER Furs.

Mary Jane and Her Pets Paper Doll

May 09, 1953.  Mary Jane loves her new dresses and she loves all her pets too.  Paper doll by Emma C. Mckean.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby and Fashion Lady Paper Dolls

 January 25, 1920.  A front and back BABY paper doll from AUNT ELSIE.
February 01, 1920.  Anne Elmguest's FASHION LADY paper doll.  From AUNT ELSIE.

PEGGY Likes Flapper Clothes

December 17, 1922.  Introducing Fashion Fanny's sister, Peggy, who likes flapper clothes.  From the FASHION FANNY paper doll series.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sister Cutie Cut-Ups

July  01, 1933.  Sister Cutie paper doll.  From "Freckles and Friends" comic strip.

Make Your Own Village

 December 31, 1933.  Fold-Up House No. 1.  I like this little house, very cute.

January 07, 1934.  Fold-Up House No. 2.  There are many houses in this newspaper series.

Miss Tilly Tribune Paper Doll

March 07, 1920.  Miss Tilly Tribune paper doll by AUNT ELSIE.

Monday, January 14, 2013

IRENE DUNNE Ad For Easterling Sterling

September 1948.  IRENE DUNNE chooses EASTERLING Sterling Ad from Cosmopolitan magazine.


 1935.  "Paper Doll Cutouts of Famous Motion Picture Stars For The Children.  Latest Fashions From The Movie Capital For Particular Women."  "Picked from the ranks of Broadway musical stars, Irene Dunne was first featured in straight dramatic pictures before producers brought her lovely voice to movie audiences.  Her screen success was assured after "Cimarron", a dramatic western story, and in recent months her lovely voice has been acclaimed by millions who saw and heard her in "Sweet Adeline".  Miss Dunne continues to reign as the queen of musical romance and co-starred with Ginger Rogers, she is featured in "Roberta", RKO-Radios film version of the Broadway play of the same name.  The story is centered in a Parisian style salon  and more than one hundred beautiful gowns compose the wardrobe.  Some of them are shown here with Miss Dunne as the lucky paper doll to wear them."

Fashion Notes:  1- A luxurious pink crepe slip, trimmed with Alencon lace.  2- A simple street frock of dark green pique, with white stand-up lapel collar of the same material.  3- An afternoon ensemble of beige wool crepe with high roll collar.  The sleeves are trimmed with mink.  4- This distinctive evening gown is of gold metallic cloth.  A bond of metallic material crosses the top of the deeply slashed bodice and carries over the shoulders with floor-length fringe of tiny gold beads.  5- A frock of sheer navy blue crepe for daytime wear.  Note the novel collar and corded trim at belt and cuffs.  6- A wedding gown of heavy white satin, distinctly new, trimmed with large bow at neck, and worn with short turban style bridal veil.  7- Here is a Parisian interpretation of dotted blue flat crepe, boldly trimmed with pompom ruffles, the hat to match.

Friday, January 11, 2013

ANNA BELLE Paper Dolls

 January 12, 1913.  ANNA BELLE Plays Snow Fort.
February 16, 1913.  ANNA BELLE Goes Coasting.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Entrance To Lawrence Park, Bronxville, N. Y. POSTCARD

Circa 1904.  Entrance to Lawrence Park, Bronxville, N. Y. Postcard.  This postcard is from the trunk of  my great-grandmother, Mattie Sweatt Deshazo.  She was born in Alabama and lived in Alabama and Florida.  Where she got all these postcards addressed to a Mrs. Tower in Cohasset, Mass. I do not know.  This postcard was published by Photo & Art Postal Card Co. New York City, #14979.  The card reads, "Such a poor picture of a very pretty place.  This hotel is fine and stands so high that we seem to be way up in the mountains.  We are having beautiful drives and are enjoying it very much here.  Suppose Mr. Tower & Bess go tomorrow.  With love, Edith."

PUG Takes A Spill

January 26, 1941.  Ouch!  Maybe PUG and BOOTS should hang-up their ice skates.  Many thanks to Edgar Martin.

EMMA, A Paper Doll

August 09, 1961.  A paper doll by Emma C. McKean.

The Secret Garden

September 20, 1994.  A coloring contest to win tickets to the musical stage version of  THE SECRET GARDEN.  An interesting image - I like.

BOOTS, January 1944

 January 16, 1944.  A very lovely BOOTS paper doll.

January 02, 1944.  BOOTS and a couple of her latest outfits.  Many thanks to Edgar Martin.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


May 28, 1982.  Children could get one free admission with each adult paid admission if they colored the above drawing by Walter Lantz and presented it at the Universal Studios Tour box-office.  The WOODY WOODPECKER Special, Universal Studios GlamorTram.  Sadly, gone are the days of Walter Lantz and Charles Schultz.  I cringe when I come across cartoons and animation of today - truly sad indeed!

BOOTS Comic Strip Paper Dolls from January 1939

 January 29, 1939.  Here is Mr. Edgar Martin himself as a Snowman paper doll.

January 22, 1939.  Pride Goeth Before A Fall.  Poor BOOTS, her pride takes a direct hit.  Many thanks to Edgar Martin.

PUG and the Snowball

January 10, 1943.  I don't know who PUG is so angry at, but I would hide if I were them!  PUG and Her Snowball paper doll.  Many thanks to Edgar Martin.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Remember To Eat Your Veggies!

February 07, 1993.  GREEN GIANT' 5 A Day Coloring Sweepstakes.

BONNIE the Ballerina Paper Doll

July 08, 1961.  BONNIE The Ballerina Paper Doll by Emma C. McKean.  Plus a riddle as a bonus:  What has four legs, but only one foot?  See above for answer.  I remember that riddle from when I was a kid.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


1900's.  D is for Dutch Girl.  Not sure if I have already posted this image on my old blog.  CHILDREN OF ALL NATIONS appeared in newspapers in the early 1900's, about 1901 - 1906.  A fun image for children to color and learn about children from other lands.


January 08, 1957.  A sweet Dutch Girl Paper Doll by Emma McKean.


December 04, 1904.  Here is a cut-out doll similar to the Historical Dolls from my old blog.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

MUPPETS Comic Strip

September 20, 1981.  A newspaper coloring contest to promote the new comic strip "Jim Henson's MUPPETS".

HOW Does Your Garden Grow . . .

March 1987.  A paper doll of Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary by Jim Greenwood.  From The Original Paper Doll Artists Cookbook.  Thanks mom.

MISTRESS MARY, Quite Contrary . . .

February 09, 1936.  "Color and cut out the entire picture.  Bend the sides backward to make her stand."  Mistress Mary, quite contrary . . . a cut-out by A. W. Nugent.