Monday, December 23, 2013

BOOTS, 1948

January 18, 1948.  Here is Miss BOOTS standing at attention to model her new dresses.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Picture Frames to Color and Cut-Out

 March 24, 1901.  Picture Frame To Color.  "The figure shown is that of a Chinese general.  The bamboo frame paint a straw color.  The dragon paint green with a red head and a yellow tail.  The spear should be black, with a light blue blade.  A yellow suit for the Chinese general, with a gold breastplate.  The other trimmings treat in gold and red.  The background may be left white, or given an uniform pale tint.  Cut out the oval, in which a photograph can be inserted, and mount the finished frame on heavy cardboard.  The picture frame, with your own photograph inserted, would make an acceptable gift."  Those are the instructions included on the page which you can follow or use your own creativity to finish the frame.
July 11, 1993.  The Seven Dwarfs and Me!  "Draw a picture of yourself in the center of the mirror or create a Seven Dwarfs picture frame by carefully cutting out the center of the mirror and pasting the frame over your favorite photo!"  HEY KIDS, consider making your parents or grandparents one of these picture frames with a photo of you as a Christmas present.

Santa ROD Paper Doll

December 21, 1947.  ROD, husband of BOOTS, needs a lot of padding to play Santa.

Santa BABE Paper Doll

December 19, 1943.  BABE gets a turn to play Santa.


December 01, 1993.  A newspaper coloring contest for CHRISTMAS.  This is CHRISTMAS!

White House CHRISTMAS Card, 2007

2007.  Christmas card received from George and Laura Bush.  "May the joy of all creation fill your heart this blessed season."  One of my treasures.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

FERD and CORA Comic Strip Paper Dolls from BOOTS

 November 28, 1943.  FERD is ready for the cold weather that is suppose to blow in this weekend in Houston.  I do not like cold weather!!!
December 05, 1943.  CORA called BOOTS to tell her about her new dress and coat.

TRIX Paper Doll by Arval Grover

February 19, 1933.  Another paper doll by Arval Grover, a S. L. T. Junior member.

Monday, December 2, 2013

BOOTS and A Couple of Holiday Party Outfits

December 03, 1944.  Here is Miss BOOTS  and a couple of her new holiday party outfits.  BOOTS is always the belle of every Christmas party.

JOYCE Has a New Hat and Dress

April 04, 1915.  JOYCE the paper doll would like to know if you like her new hat and dress.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

STAR TREK Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney

Spring 1995.  TV Guide "Star Trek Collector's Edition".  Star Trek paper dolls by Tom Tierney.  I do not know if these paper dolls were just for TV Guide or if they are from a published paper doll book.  My mom has hundreds of Tom Tierney paper doll books but none of them have Star Trek paper dolls.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

EMMA, A Young Lady of Fashion

1988.  Printed in Santa Monica, CA USA by Vaughn Printing.  Produced by Garr-Maiden 1988.  Designed by John Darcy Noble.  #1720 out of 2000.  "EMMA is a lavishly equipped paper doll, who possesses no less than ten different costumes.  They are based on the designs of Nicholas Heideloff, who in 1794 launched in England his GALLERY OF FASHION, a publication devoted to dress."  This is a very lovely paper doll set from my mom's collection.

This is CHRISTmas

I am always buying cards at garage sales and thrift stores.  I bought a couple of grab bags of cards at a garage sale about a month ago and these cards are from that purchase.  Someone saved just the front of the cards so I do not know anything about them.  Before you run to that "Black Friday" sales event, take a moment to remember the true meaning of CHRISTMAS.

Thanksgiving Cut-Out Novelty

November 14, 1958.  Another Emma McKean cut-out for Thanksgiving.  Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Cut-Out by Emma McKean

December 17, 1957.  Johnny the paper doll is ready to play the part of a Mayflower Pilgrim in the school play.  A Thanksgiving paper doll by Emma McKean.  It appeared in this newspaper well after Thanksgiving Day.

BOOTS For My Birthday

September 07, 1947.  Here is a cute BOOTS paper doll for my rainy, cold birthday.  I had my 2nd-birthday on that tragic day in 1963.

Jacqueline Kennedy's Inaugural Gown

 January 13, 1973.  "Mrs. Kennedy wore this white cape and gown in 1961.  Cut and color your First Lady paper doll."  From The Mini Page.
1983.  FIRST LADIES' GOWNS, A Smithsonian Coloring Book.  Illustrations by Geraldine Lucas.  "Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.  The First Lady provided ideas and sketches to the designer for this white silk dress, worn to John F. Kennedy's inaugural ball in 1961.  The bodice is embroidered in silver thread, and is veiled overall with white chiffon to give a soft, shimmering effect.  The cape is of the same silk, triple-layered with chiffon.  An embroidered frog adorns the military collar."

Remembering John Fitzgerald Kennedy

 March 11, 1994.  "Go dot to dot and color this Irish American President."
May 23, 2003.  "Go dot to dot and color.  John F. Kennedy and William H. Taft are the only presidents buried at Arlington National Cemetery.  Which president is this?"   Both of these connect the dots pages are from The Mini Page, a newspaper section for children.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

HOLY HANNA, Batman, They're ALL Here!!

 November 11, 1974.  A coloring contest from an ad for Montgomery Ward that appeared in various newspapers in 1974.  I have a fondness for the corny BATMAN television series.  "Curse your SUPER MEDDLING, you CAPED CLOWNS!"  "You haven't got a CHANCE, Joker!"  ZAP!  POW!

Jane Arden and Her Southern Belle Dress

July 03, 1949.  A Jane Arden comic strip paper doll.

Skating Doll to Color by Emma C. McKean

December 22, 1960.  Color and cut-out Mary Ellen and her ice-skating outfit.  Newspaper paper doll by Emma McKean.

Bob Hope for WHITMAN'S Chocolates

October 30, 1950.  Life Magazine.  An ad for WHITMAN's Sampler with Bob Hope.  "A woman never forgets the man who remembers - Whitman's Chocolates."

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A very pretty WINNIE WINKLE Paper Doll

May 05, 1935.

Mr. & Mrs. Humphrey Bogart for Cigarillos

September 03, 1951.  Life Magazine.  An ad for Robt. Burns Cigarillos.  MRS. HUMPHREY BOGART (Lauren Bacall) says: "I love to see a man smoke a Cigarillo."  Lauren Bacall, speaking for style-wise women everywhere, endorses The New Idea in Smoking from the feminine point of view . . . As for men, they go in a big way for delicious smoking pleasure in a shape, trim and handy as a cigarette . . . The perfect mild smoke. ------ I could not fit the whole ad on my little scanner so I just copied the best part, this terrific portrait of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall aboard their sailboat.

PETER PAN Movie Coloring Contest

July 14, 1989.  A coloring contest for Walt Disney's PETER PAN.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Another Aunt Elsie Paper Doll

August 29, 1920.  Another newspaper paper doll from Aunt Elsie.

Amanda Blake and Jim Arness Take An L&M Break on GUNSMOKE Set, Hollywood

September 08, 1958.  Life Magazine back cover.  An ad for L&M Cigarettes featuring Amanda Blake and Jim Arness from the extremely popular television western, GUNSMOKE.  I liked GUNSMOKE back when I was a child and I still like GUNSMOKE today.  The television show had a wonderful cast and really good scripts, and it had the gorgeous Jim Arness.  I even like the old-time radio show version of GUNSMOKE that starred William Conrad as Matt Dillon.  I started listening to old radio shows about twenty years ago and GUNSMOKE was one of the best - just as good as the T. V. show.