Sunday, December 15, 2013

Picture Frames to Color and Cut-Out

 March 24, 1901.  Picture Frame To Color.  "The figure shown is that of a Chinese general.  The bamboo frame paint a straw color.  The dragon paint green with a red head and a yellow tail.  The spear should be black, with a light blue blade.  A yellow suit for the Chinese general, with a gold breastplate.  The other trimmings treat in gold and red.  The background may be left white, or given an uniform pale tint.  Cut out the oval, in which a photograph can be inserted, and mount the finished frame on heavy cardboard.  The picture frame, with your own photograph inserted, would make an acceptable gift."  Those are the instructions included on the page which you can follow or use your own creativity to finish the frame.
July 11, 1993.  The Seven Dwarfs and Me!  "Draw a picture of yourself in the center of the mirror or create a Seven Dwarfs picture frame by carefully cutting out the center of the mirror and pasting the frame over your favorite photo!"  HEY KIDS, consider making your parents or grandparents one of these picture frames with a photo of you as a Christmas present.

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