Tuesday, October 25, 2016


1980.  A Beast mask to color and cut out for Halloween.  Cut nose out along solid lines and fold up on dotted line.  Cut out eyes or prick holes in eyes to be able to see.  The directions are to cut along solid lines of mouth but I personally can't figure it out so maybe you guys will be able to cut the mouth right.  The mask has the holes marked on the sides to punch out for string or yarn to tie.  Could also be used as a window decoration.

W. C. FIELDS Paper Doll by Tom Tierney.

1974.  Here is a W. C. Fields paper doll by the one and only Tom Tierney.

A Stand-Up Witch for Halloween Fun.

1990.  Here is a stand-up witch to color and cut out.

Clara Driscoll Paper Doll.

1991.  Clara Driscoll, "Savior of the Alamo", Her Life Story presented through the clothes she wore.  A Paper Doll Book by Nelda Patterson.  Book One, Women of Texas.  Smiley Originals.  Smiley, Texas.  Yeah, paper dolls and Texas history, a winning combination.

I Love My Flag. I Love My National Anthem.

1992.  The Story of Our Flag.  A Bellerophon Coloring Book.  I found this coloring book yesterday at Half-Price Books along with several other coloring books and paper dolls.  I have nothing but disdain for Americans that disrespect the American Flag and the American National Anthem and I am proud of the Founding Fathers of my Country.
  I have once again been amiss in posted on this blog.  I do genealogy and I received my DNA results a few weeks ago and it has been all consuming of my time.  So much Fun.  Learning how DNA results work has been very interesting.  My mom's family always thought their grandmother and great-uncle had American Indian blood because they had such dark skin, hair and eyes.  The results of the DNA for my mom and her siblings revealed that it is actually an African ancestor I should be looking for, which is a totally different kind of researching.  My ethnic DNA results are as follows:  Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, Europe West (France), Finland, Russia and the Caucasus.  All sibling will have some differences in their ethnic DNA results unless they are identical twins.  Also the DNA results will match people to other people with shared ancestors.  Anyway, I know this is boring to most people so I will stop.  Have a great day and GOD Bless America!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Liza Jane, A Paper Doll's Paper Doll.

1989.  Frontier Friendships.  CURRENT, Inc.  Here is Liza Jane, a rag doll that belongs to Maggie, a Frontier Friend paper doll.

Monday, October 10, 2016

You and Your Dog Can Meet EDDIE from Frasier!

1998.  I clearly remember removing this page from either a Woman's Day or Family Circle magazine.  I just came across it today when I was going through my stacks of genealogy papers.  EDDIE was always my favorite "person" on the T.V. show FRASIER. - - - - - I have to admit that I forgot about my blog and so I just grabbed the puppy paper doll and this ad to post as it is almost midnight here in Houston.  So now I will take the end refrain from FRASIER, "Goodnight, everybody."

Color This Puppy and His Clothes.

Here is a cute little puppy to color and dress.