Sunday, June 30, 2013

4th of July

 1990.  Uncle Sam and Statue of Liberty Cutouts.  Scholastic.
 Dolly Dingle as Statue of Liberty.  Dover reproduction.
June 21, 1961.  Another Uncle Sam paper doll by Emma McKean.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

We Love Picnics Too!

July 15, 1978.  A coloring contest for everyone planning a 4th of July picnic.  Newspaper coloring page by Cynthia Johnson.

Little Uncle Sam

June 28, 1959.  A patriotic newspaper paper doll by Emma C. McKean.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


 December 18, 1983.  A SUPERMAN picture to color.
 April 17, 1983.  Lois Lane paper doll.
September 25, 1983.  Batman paper doll.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Three Musicians and a Dancing Girl

1986.  A page from the British Museum Paper Pageants - GREEKS.  Designed and Illustrated by Beverly Saunders.  Jonathan Cape in association with British Museum Publications.  Here are some lovely ladies to play beautiful music to you.  Beverly Saunders also has done paper doll books for the National Trust.

Washday is Child's Play PAPER DOLL

 I went to Half-Price Books last week and they had Life Magazines for one dollar each.  I bought several issues.  At home I was looking through the issue with Jackie Gleason on the cover and there she was, I could not believe my eyes, a paper doll and her clothes, cut out but carefully placed back in the magazine.  I could see that the little doll was from an ad in the magazine.  I remembered that Half-Price had two copies of Life with Jackie Gleason on the cover so back to the store I went and luckily it was still there.  Below is the uncut  version of the paper doll.
October 05, 1962.  LIFE Magazine.  "Washday is child's play when you have an automatic dryer".  An ad from United States Steel.  There is a second page with 2 dresses and an apron.

Good Music and Great Worship

June 22, 2013.  On Friday I saw a performance by a finalist from "American Idol" and on Saturday I saw a performance by a young lady who was/or is a contestant on "The Voice".  I have never seen either show.  Miss Holly Tucker will no doubt be a success in the music industry for she has a pure vocal talent.  After church we headed back out to Miller Outdoor Theatre for the 2nd night of the Houston Symphony Summer Nights.

If you plan a visit to Houston make sure to check out the Miller Outdoor Theatre schedule and also the Second Baptist family would like to invite you to come and visit one of our church services.


 Miss Ima Hogg, Founder of the Houston Symphony and a lady very important in the history of the city of Houston.  I was sure my mom had the Tom Tierney paper doll book of famous Texas women that included a paper doll of Ima Hogg, but no, of the hundreds of Tom Tierney paper doll books she has that is the one not in her collection.  The HOUSTON SYMPHONY created this fan to hand out at the celebration.  It is actually much prettier than it scanned.
June 21, 1013.  A wonderful time was had by all at Miller Outdoor Theatre for the 100th Birthday celebration of the Houston Symphony.  Beautiful music by the Houston Symphony, fun entertainment provided by students from area schools and a terrific vocal performance by LaKisha Jones.  I do not watch those singing programs on television but Miss Jones, a finalist on American Idol in 2007 sure can sing.

To BLOG or Not To BLOG, That is the Question?

I am going to try and get back into blogging.  I went through a period in which I just could not stand the sight of my computer.