Sunday, June 23, 2013

Good Music and Great Worship

June 22, 2013.  On Friday I saw a performance by a finalist from "American Idol" and on Saturday I saw a performance by a young lady who was/or is a contestant on "The Voice".  I have never seen either show.  Miss Holly Tucker will no doubt be a success in the music industry for she has a pure vocal talent.  After church we headed back out to Miller Outdoor Theatre for the 2nd night of the Houston Symphony Summer Nights.

If you plan a visit to Houston make sure to check out the Miller Outdoor Theatre schedule and also the Second Baptist family would like to invite you to come and visit one of our church services.


  1. Is John Bisagno pastor at Second Baptist Church in Houston? Recently I saw an article about him in the Texas Baptist newspaper which brought back very pleasant memories for me. He preached a revival back in the 1960s at Mingo Baptist Church, just outside of Tulsa. I still remember his powerful testimony.

  2. John Bisagno was the pastor of First Baptist Church here in Houston. I used to listen to him on the radio - a really good pastor. I believe that Pastor Bisagno retired a few years ago. My pastor at Second Baptist is Dr. Ed Young.