Sunday, September 29, 2013

Daily "BOOTS"

November 07, 1943.

TOOTS and Her Wedding Dress

August 14, 1932.  Here comes the bride!  A pretty wedding dress for this TOOTS paper doll.

DENNIS THE MENACE Movie Coloring Contest

June 30, 1993.  DENNIS THE MENACE Coloring Contest.  The movie featured the following actors:  Walter Matthau, Mason Gamble, Joan Plowright, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Robert Stanton, Paul Winfield, Amy Sakasitz, Arnold Stang and Ben Stein.  Directed by Nick Castle.  The movie received bad reviews.  I have never seen the movie.

Cut-Out Animals

March 03, 1935.  Some cut-out animal fun from A. W. Nugent.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Daily "BOOTS"

April 28, 1940.

DORINDA Paper Doll

August 22, 1922.  DORINDA is ready for any occasion with her new wardrobe.

Historical Landmarks Cut-Outs - THE OLD STATE HOUSE, BOSTON

October 20, 1901.  Historical Landmarks cut-out series featured some wonderful old buildings.  I can image children and their parents back in 1901 cutting out this model from the Sunday newspaper and spending the day putting it together.  Does the Old Boston State House have a unicorn statue?  It looks like a unicorn.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Daily "BOOTS"

September 22, 1946.

STEVEN Paper Doll

August 19, 1934.  The PROFESSOR with his ever present cigar.  BOOTS and her buddies were constantly driving Steven, the Professor, nuts with their zany behavior and he would have to go on  long walks to let off steam.

JUNIOR Paper Doll

August 07, 1932.  "Here is JUNIOR - - - also loads of clothes and hats for him!"  Paper doll from TOOTS and CASPER coomic strip.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Daily "BOOTS"

January 28, 1945.

PUG, CORA and BABE Paper Dolls

 September 29, 1940.  A whirlwind named PUG.
 June 30, 1940.  CORA enjoying the summer rays.
October 13, 1940.  Is BABE mad at Horace again?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

THE FOX AND THE HOUND, Movie Coloring Contest

March 26, 1988.  A coloring contest for the Disney movie, THE FOX AND THE HOUND.  From Leonard Maltin's Guide Book, "1981.  Directed by Art Stevens, Ted Berman and Richard Rich.  Voices of  Mickey Rooney, Kurt Russell, Pearl Bailey, Jack Albertson, Sandy Duncan, Jeanette Nolan, Pat Buttram, John Fiedler, John McIntire, Paul Winchell and Corey Feldman.  Charming Disney animated feature about the childhood friendship between two natural enemies, a fox cub and a hound pup; as they grow older their relationship is put to the test by their emerging instincts.  Warm and brimming with personable characters, this one approaches the old Disney magic at times."  I like this movie.

Junior's Sister Paper Doll

July 31, 1932.  Here is "Junior's Sister", and just look at all the clothes and hats for her!  A paper doll from the comic strip, TOOTS AND CASPER.

Daily "BOOTS"

January 26, 1947.

BUCKSKIN BOY Cut-Outs No. 9, Betty Bowman

December 09, 1934.  BUCKSKIN BOY Cut-Outs No. 9, Betty Bowman.  "The charming daughter of the Buckskin Boy's foster parents.  Betty is a smart little girl and endowed with plenty of that fine courage that pioneer women were often called upon to display."  "This concludes the present series of cut-outs.  There will be more later, if there are sufficient requests for them."  I have not been able to find any other cut-outs from this series.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Daily "BOOTS"

March 14, 1943.

U. S. Training Ship "HARTFORD" Admiral Farragut's Flagship POST CARD

 April 07, 1905.  U. S. Training Ship "HARTFORD" Admiral Farragut's Flagship POST CARD.  Inscribed  "On the Thames near New London, Ct.  H.L.W. April 07, 1905."
Another Postcard from my great-grandmother's old wooden trunk.  All the postcards from the trunk are very fragile and stained but I am thrilled to have them.  Postcard of the "HARTFORD" by H. C. Leighton Co., Portland, ME.  Manufacturers of Postal Cards.  Made in Germany No. 886--.

SAILOR Paper Doll

January 24, 1943.  Sailor paper doll from TILLIE THE TOILER comic strip.

U. S. N. Bugle and Drum Corps

August 12, 1917.  U. S. N. Bugle and Drum Corps military cut-outs by Elizabeth T. Griffith.

Sailor Boy Paper Doll

July 28, 1918.  LARRY the Sailor Boy Paper Doll.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Daily "BOOTS"

August 22, 1965.

MYLES SALT Coloring Contest, Picture No. 7

June 15, 1934.  MYLES SALT Coloring Contest, Picture No. 7, Sally Gives A Party.

BUCKSKIN BOY Cut-Outs No. 8, The Panther

December 02, 1934.  BUCKSKIN BOY Cut-Outs No. 8, The Panther.  Shawnee Chief, leader of a roving war party that threatens Daniel Boone and his pioneers on the way to Kentucky.

TILLIE the TOILER Comic Strip Paper Dolls

 July 15, 1934.  I think this paper doll is prettier than most of the Tillie paper dolls.
November 03, 1935.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Daily "BOOTS"

May 18, 1947.

TOOTS Paper Doll

July 03, 1932.  "Here's the cut-out doll that thousands of children have requested!  Gorgeous TOOTS!  Paste her  on light cardboard, dry thoroughly, and then carefully cut out around the outside lines."  A TOOTS paper doll from the comic strip, TOOTS and CASPER.

BUCKSKIN BOY Cut-Outs No. 7, Uncle Shadrach

November 25, 1934.  BUCKSKIN BOY Cut-Outs No. 7, Uncle Shadrach.  "Funny, lovable, old colored freedman who works for Lige Bowman, the Buckskin Boy's foster father.  Uncle Shadrach fears no perils so long as he has his rabbit's foot with him."

Thursday, September 12, 2013

OLIVER & Company, A Movie Coloring Contest

January 13, 1989.  A coloring contest for the Disney film, OLIVER & Company.  From Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide, "OLIVER & Company (1988), Director: George Scribner.  Voices of Joey Lawrence, Billy Joel, Cheech Marin, Richard Mulligan, Roscoe Lee Browne, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Dom Deluise, Taurean Blacque, Robert Loggia, Bette Midler and Natalie Gregory.  Free adaptation of Dickens' OLIVER TWIST in the cartoon world:  homeless kitten falls in with the jaunty Dodger and his canine pals, who work for Fagin, a human nebbish in debt to the heartless Sikes.  Dodger (Joel) has  the films best song, "Why Should I Worry?" - - but an excitable Chihuahua voiced by Marin provides the biggest laughs.  Disney's grittiest (grungiest?) animated feature is no classic, but it's likeable enough."  I have never seen this movie.

Daily "BOOTS"

October 07, 1934.

Here is another Paper Doll from A. W. Nugent

February 11, 1934.  A cute paper doll from A. W. Nugent.

BUCKSKIN BOY Cut-Outs No. 6, Pineknot Purdy

November 18, 1934.  BUCKSKIN BOY Cut-Outs No. 6, Pineknot Purdy.  Old back-woods man, spry for his years, who instructs the Buckskin Boy in the ways of the woods.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

AMANDA ADELINE, A Very Sweet Paper Doll

June 04, 1922.  Everything about this paper doll is pretty.

BUCKSKIN BOY Cut-Outs No. 5, Daniel Boone

November 11, 1934.  BUCKSKIN BOY Cut-Outs No. 5, Daniel Boone (1734 - 1820).  Famous hunter-pioneer who in 1775 blazed the way to Kentucky and pushed the American frontier 100 miles west of the Alleghanies. - - - - - Long before Fess Parker played this American hero on television, J. Carroll Mansfield gave children this wonderful cut-out to play with and they could pretend to be Daniel Boone.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Daily "BOOTS"

March 15, 1953.

BUCKSKIN BOY Cut-Outs No. 4, Jack Blount

November 04, 1934.  BUCKSKIN BOY Cut-Outs No. 4 - Jack Blount.  "Handsome young Virginia Ranger and two-fisted fighting man, who is the Buckskin Boy's comrade in many adventures."  Series by J. Carroll Mansfield.

A. W. Nugent Paper Doll

November 05, 1933.  "Please dress me for school."  Another cute paper doll from A. W. Nugent.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Daily "BOOTS"

August 29, 1965.

CORA Strikes A Pose

September 05, 1943.  CORA takes a turn as a paper doll.

The Skipper Of The Columbia CUT-OUT Figurette, America's Cup Yacht Race

July 09, 1899.  "THE SKIPPER OF THE COLUMBIA.  Capt. Charles Barr, Who Will Defend the America's Cup Against the Shamrock.  This Figurette Will Stand Alone if Cut Out According to Directions.  Success in yacht-racing depends largely upon the man in command.  The choice of Capt. Charles Barr, to sail the Columbia against the Shamrock not-with-standing his Scottish birth, and Mr. C. Oliver Iselin's  preference for native born skippers and crews, is a tribute to the young man's merit.  Capt. Barr was born in Gourock, 20 miles from Glasgow, 35 years ago.  He began his business career in a grocers' shop, but tired of the vocation and went to sea on a fishing vessel.  His first venture in yachting was before the mast on the cutter Ulerin.  Fashioned by nature for a keen sea jockey and skilled helmsman he attracted wealthy owners, and when the 20-ton cutter Clara came across to race Yankee yachts "Charlie" Barr was selected for second in command.  His first command was the Shona, and in 1886 Admiral Tweed of the Corinthian Yacht Club of New York engaged him to sail the Minerva, by Fife.  He record as a successful skipper is a long one, among the winners he has handled being the Niagara, Navahoe, Minerva, Colonia, Wasp, Oweene and Gossoon."

BUCKSKIN BOY Cut-Outs No. 3, White Buffalo

October 28, 1934.  BUCKSKIN BOY Cut-Outs No. 3, White Buffalo.  "The friendly old Delaware Indian who usually appears just in time to help the Buckskin Boy escape from some peril . . . ."  Cut-Outs by J. Carroll Mansfield, High Lights of History newspaper series.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

BUCKSKIN BOY Cut-Outs by J. Carroll Mansfield

 October 14, 1934.  "KIT KIRBY is the plucky little hero of these thrilling stories of the frontier in Revolutionary War days. . . . . . KIT gets into many tight places but always comes up smiling."
October 21, 1934.  "MOLLY MacDONALD, pioneer girl, -- a courageous little heroine and loyal friend  . . . MOLLY looks well in feminine attire too, but perfers her boyish forest costume . . . . so do we!"