Friday, February 28, 2014

Time For COWBOYS - Huggs and Cuddles, Teddy Bear Paper Dolls

 1984.  HUGGS & CUDDLES Teddy Bear Paper Dolls, Troubador Press, San Francisco.  Miss Cuddles Bear is celebrating GO TEXAN Day.

 Huggs Bear is also celebrating GO TEXAN Day with his snazzy cowboy outfit.

Time For COWBOYS - Professor Wormbog

Howdy.  Professor Wormbog is celebrating GO TEXAN Day.

Happy GO TEXAN Day!

July 04, 1980.  Happy GO TEXAN day to everybody!  Time to put on your cowboy hat & boots and say to everyone you meet, "Howdy pardner".  I saw a lot of cowboys and cowgirls today on Memorial Drive on their way to the campgrounds.  The big parade downtown will be tomorrow morning.  I hope everyone has a good time while they are here in Houston, and drivers remember to be patient on the roads when encountering trail-rider traffic.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Great BALLET Paper Dolls

 1984.  Great BALLET Paper Dolls  To Color and Cut Out by Nancie Swanberg, Troubador Press, San Francisco.  The book has a ballerina and a male ballet dancer with fifteen costumes each.  Here is the male dancer with two of his costumes.
 Kostchei the Wizard in "The Firebird".    The Firebird, a ballet in three scenes.  Choreography by Michel Fokine.  Music by Igor Stravinsky.  The Firebird is based on a Russian folk tale.  While hunting in the woods, Prince Ivan captures the Firebird, but releases her for one of her magic feathers.  Later the prince falls in love with a princess imprisoned in a wizard's enchanted garden.  The wizard tries to kill the Prince.  Ivan's magic feather brings forth the Firebird who kills the evil wizard, setting free the princess.
The Champion Roper in "Rodeo".  RODEO, a ballet in two scenes.  Choreography by Agnes de Mille.  Music by Aaron Copeland.  RODEO is a turn-of-the-century tale about a tomboy cowgirl who wants to be "one of the boys" and at the same time has a crush on the Head Wrangler.  She fails miserably both in her attempts to be a cowboy and in her efforts to attract the wrangler.  At a dance, in a show of great bravado, she wins the love of the extrovert Champion Roper.
It's time for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  The cowboys are heading to Houston and they will camp in Memorial Park.  It is always fun to see all the cowboys and cowgirls, pretty horses and wagons, making their way through the streets of Houston.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mary Had a Little Lamb . . . and a Turtle too!

 August 11, 1935.  Here's Mary and her little lamb to color and cut out.  Also cut out Mary's new dress and hat.  Follow the instructions to make Mary and her lamb stand on their own feet.  From A. W. Nugent.
August 04, 1935.  A turtle to color and cut out.  My absolute favorite paper dolls and cut-outs come from the A. W. Nugent newspaper page for children.  Enjoy!  Spring will be here soon.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


February 26, 1922.  "Here is another odd doll to add to your nursery.  She is Siamese Sally.  Cut out along outlines, bend the base carefully, and insert flap A into slot B.  She will then stand."

Friday, February 21, 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


September 05, 1909.  If you don't like this paper doll, well, you must be hard to please!  Miss Trudie Mae with four pretty dresses and four pretty hats for you to color.

Monday, February 17, 2014

CHARLES VENTURA Designs in 1947 and 1988

 January 12, 1947.  I was really surprised when I saw Charles Ventura's name among the people that submitted outfits for BOOTS & her friends.  Here is a dress for Cora and he also submitted a dress for BOOTS in 1945.
1988.  And 41 years later here is a Charles Ventura original paper doll from THE ORIGINAL PAPER DOLL ARTIST'S GUILD newsletter.

BETTY LOUISE is a polite, dainty little girl.

February 25, 1917.  BETTY LOUISE is very happy to meet you.  Please use your coloring skills to brighten Betty Louise and her wardrobe.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Five Cut-Out Animals to Color and Stand on Their Own Feet.

June 28, 1936.  Here are five cut-out animals by A. W. Nugent.  Have fun with AL I. Gator, A. Doggy Dog, A. Monk, Ima Katt and A. Ram.

Rita La Roya Cut-Out Doll

September 17, 1935.  "RITA LA ROYA CUT-OUT DOLL.  Pretty "Gabby" Character Presents Her Party Costume.  Rita La Roya, the lovely brunette charmer, who is admired by that genial, self-sure young man, Gabby Gibbs, hero of The Gazette's great new strip, "Gabby", is today's cut-out paper doll.  Rita presents two interesting costumes.  The first is her cabaret dress and hat which she wears when singing.  The other is an evening gown for formal parties.  Would you like another "Gabby" character to add to you collection?  Then write the editor of The Gazette, he may print one for you within a few days."

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hanna-Barbera Coloring Fun

September 14, 1969.  Hey, kids, color this for fun; watch Saturdays.  Comedy returns to Saturday morning television this fall in five new and five returning series for Hanna-Barbera Productions.  New shows include "The Perils of Penelope Pitstop," "Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines," "Scooby Doo, Where Are You?", all on CBS-TV; "The Cattanooga Cats" (ABC); and a new season of "The Banana Splits Adventure House." (NBC)

Yes, I remember all of these cartoons during their first run, and lots of kids know these shows from years of reruns.  Have fun coloring.

Early American Costumes for Imogene

October 12, 1941.  You can dress this Imogene paper doll in her Martha Washington costume for President's Day.  From DIXIE DUGAN comic strip.

Washington's Birthday Cut-Out by Emma McKean

February 02, 1959.  Celebrate Washington's Birthday with this charming Emma McKean cut-out.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


 December 09, 1934.  A SHIRLEY TEMPLE paper doll by Marjorie Wales, a S. L. T. Junior member.
 September 29, 1935.  Another SHIRLEY TEMPLE paper doll by Marjorie Wales.
1985.  AMERICAN DOLLS of The Twentieth Century Coloring Book.  Written and Illustrated by Nancie West Swanberg.  Published by Troubador Press.  A fun coloring book featuring a Margaret O'Brien doll and a SHIRLEY TEMPLE doll.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

BOOTS Paper Dolls from February 1946

 February 03, 1946.
 February 17, 1946.
February 24, 1946.

DIXIE DUGAN Comic Strip Paper Dolls

 June 23, 1940.
July 21, 1940.

MARPHA, A 19th Century Russian Girl

August 1992.  DOLL LIFE Magazine.  Russian Paper Doll by Tatiana Baeva.  "This 16 year old girl lives in a village to the southwest of Moscow.  On holidays she wears a national costume, the same one her mother or even grandmother wore.  She likes to help her mother with housework, bringing water from the well in pails carried on a yoke across her shoulders.  There is a Russian saying that if you meet a girl with pails full of water you will have good luck.  Empty pails are unlucky."

I enjoyed the opening ceremony of the Sochi Games.  I really liked the unfolding of the history of Russia.  Kept my interest from beginning to end.  Russia deserves a big BRAVO for a job well done.  I am watching downhill skiing right now.  I enjoy all the ski competitions.  The athletes look like beautiful birds flying over the snow.  Remember to pray for the safety of all athletes, spectators, visitors and the residents of Russia.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

MICKEY Paper Doll from Dixie Dugan

 July 21, 1940.
June 23, 1940.  Two MICKEY paper dolls from the DIXIE DUGAN comic strip.  Mickey is Dixie's best friend.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

BOOTS for a Cold, Rainy Day

 May 07, 1944.
 May 14, 1944.
 May 21, 1944.
May 28, 1944.  It's cold and rainy so let BOOTS bring you some sunshine.  BOOTS strikes her best poses with a new wardrobe for you to color.

National Meat Week Coloring Contest

January 04, 1987.  A coloring contest from OSCAR MAYER in celebration of National Meat Week.  The winners received a year's supply of Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, a toy Oscar Mayer Semi and the opportunity to meet Little Oscar and tour the famous Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Highway.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

LILY LOU Paper Doll by Amy Nakashima

May 08, 1932.  "That paper doll family must grow and grow!  So Amy has drawn Lily Lou.  She's a lovely little girl even if she has only three dresses.  May be you can make some more."  By Amy Nakashima, a S. L. T. Junior member.

A VALENTINE from Aunt Elsie

 February 14, 1925.  "YOU AND I CAN NEVER PART, FOR YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY HEART.  From Aunt Elsie."

THE DANCING DOLL by Florie May Tyrrel

February 29, 1920.  Wishfully thinking of Spring.  The Dancing Doll by Florie May Tyrrel had a wardrobe consisting of a Thistle Dress, a Rose Dress, a Spring Dress and, of course, butterfly wings.  Newspaper paper doll from Aunt Elsie Magazine.