Sunday, February 9, 2014

MARPHA, A 19th Century Russian Girl

August 1992.  DOLL LIFE Magazine.  Russian Paper Doll by Tatiana Baeva.  "This 16 year old girl lives in a village to the southwest of Moscow.  On holidays she wears a national costume, the same one her mother or even grandmother wore.  She likes to help her mother with housework, bringing water from the well in pails carried on a yoke across her shoulders.  There is a Russian saying that if you meet a girl with pails full of water you will have good luck.  Empty pails are unlucky."

I enjoyed the opening ceremony of the Sochi Games.  I really liked the unfolding of the history of Russia.  Kept my interest from beginning to end.  Russia deserves a big BRAVO for a job well done.  I am watching downhill skiing right now.  I enjoy all the ski competitions.  The athletes look like beautiful birds flying over the snow.  Remember to pray for the safety of all athletes, spectators, visitors and the residents of Russia.

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