Tuesday, September 10, 2013

BUCKSKIN BOY Cut-Outs No. 5, Daniel Boone

November 11, 1934.  BUCKSKIN BOY Cut-Outs No. 5, Daniel Boone (1734 - 1820).  Famous hunter-pioneer who in 1775 blazed the way to Kentucky and pushed the American frontier 100 miles west of the Alleghanies. - - - - - Long before Fess Parker played this American hero on television, J. Carroll Mansfield gave children this wonderful cut-out to play with and they could pretend to be Daniel Boone.


  1. Glad I found this - will be great to share with my grandkids. Can you please share the online newspaper source? Name of paper? I'm hoping it is in google newspaper archives. Hard to find using search tools...I've located good versions at the Evening Independent (St Pete Fl thru 1930 ), The Lewiston Evening Journal (thru 1940), and poorer quality Youngstown Vindicator - thru 1930). I have been collecting and featuring his historical cartoons on my own blog recently. Thanks for any assistance..I will check back here for any possible newspaper name "lead" you might provide

    1. I also like J. Carroll Mansfield and was very pleased when I came across the Buckskin Boy cut-outs. I have only been able to find these cut-outs in one newspaper, MONROE MORNING WORLD, Monroe, Louisiana. I subscribe to Newspaper Archives and that is where I found this newspaper.