Monday, January 14, 2013


 1935.  "Paper Doll Cutouts of Famous Motion Picture Stars For The Children.  Latest Fashions From The Movie Capital For Particular Women."  "Picked from the ranks of Broadway musical stars, Irene Dunne was first featured in straight dramatic pictures before producers brought her lovely voice to movie audiences.  Her screen success was assured after "Cimarron", a dramatic western story, and in recent months her lovely voice has been acclaimed by millions who saw and heard her in "Sweet Adeline".  Miss Dunne continues to reign as the queen of musical romance and co-starred with Ginger Rogers, she is featured in "Roberta", RKO-Radios film version of the Broadway play of the same name.  The story is centered in a Parisian style salon  and more than one hundred beautiful gowns compose the wardrobe.  Some of them are shown here with Miss Dunne as the lucky paper doll to wear them."

Fashion Notes:  1- A luxurious pink crepe slip, trimmed with Alencon lace.  2- A simple street frock of dark green pique, with white stand-up lapel collar of the same material.  3- An afternoon ensemble of beige wool crepe with high roll collar.  The sleeves are trimmed with mink.  4- This distinctive evening gown is of gold metallic cloth.  A bond of metallic material crosses the top of the deeply slashed bodice and carries over the shoulders with floor-length fringe of tiny gold beads.  5- A frock of sheer navy blue crepe for daytime wear.  Note the novel collar and corded trim at belt and cuffs.  6- A wedding gown of heavy white satin, distinctly new, trimmed with large bow at neck, and worn with short turban style bridal veil.  7- Here is a Parisian interpretation of dotted blue flat crepe, boldly trimmed with pompom ruffles, the hat to match.

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