Friday, July 11, 2014

Anna Belle's Favorite Dolls

September 25, 1926.  "Dear Diary,  I did have the most wonderful time at Dotty Jane's doll party Tuesday.  At first I could not decide which dolls to take, since each one of us was to bring only two, and I have so many!  But finally I decided to bring Marie Claire, because she is my most beautiful child, and my dear old Minerva, because I love her best.  All the dolls behaved so nicely - Dotty Jane said wouldn't it be nice if we always made our mothers as proud of us as we were of them?  They all were good, that is, except for Marie Claire, who upset her tea all over the tablecloth and her nice new dress.  Now I know how mother felt the time I asked for a third helping of ice cream at Mrs. Platts..  I certainly must put mother into my diary, I'll do that next week.  ANNA BELLE"

Hello to everybody.  My modem died on Monday and I just had my new internet installed today.  I missed checking my blog to see all the different countries that had viewed posts.  I so enjoy finding out that people in Russia, Ireland, Ukraine, Malawi, France, Germany and all the other wonderful places across this Globe have viewed my blog - many thanks to all of you.  I hope you enjoy this Anna Belle paper doll.

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