Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Presenting GRACE MOORE, Movie Star Paper Doll

July 28, 1935.  "Presenting GRACE MOORE.  The world loves Grace Moore, not only for her glorious voice and screen personality, but for her indomitable courage as well.  After years of hardest work, she won her way to the heights in grand opera and when it was thought movie patrons would appreciate opera in motion pictures, Grace Moore was given the assignment.  Perhaps the public was not ready for opera at that time, as her first pictures were flops at the box office.  This didn't deter Grace Moore.  Rather, it strengthened her resolve to win her movie audience.  She came back again in Columbia's ONE NIGHT OF LOVE, an overwhelming and instant success which is still remembered as one of the finest productions ever filmed.  Now she appears in LOVE ME FOREVER, also produced by Columbia, and many critics pronounce it an even greater picture than One Night of Love.  Here Grace Moore is shown with a part of her beautiful wardrobe, designed by Hollywood's leading fashion experts especially for this picture, and a few gowns from her personal wardrobe."
This newspaper paper doll is from The Movie Star Paper Doll Series.

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