Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Aunt Elsie Club Paper Dolls, 1954

 January 03, 1954.  Peggy paper doll and her wardrobe by Deane Parkinson, age 14.
 March 07, 1954.  I like this paper doll's pedal pushers.  Tina paper doll by Ellen Bryant, age 14.
 March 21, 1954.  Pat, a little girl paper doll, by Laurann White, age 12.
 May 23, 1954.  Sharrie's Wardrobe, a paper doll and her clothes by Naomi Huggins, age 15.
September 05, 1954.  Here is a funny paper doll that was drawn by Jo Ann Gotcher, age 13.  All the above paper dolls were submitted to the Aunt Elsie Club.

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