Sunday, January 22, 2017

DOTTY DIMPLE by Dan Rudolph.

March 11, 1923.  Here is Dotty Dimple, a paper doll by Dan Rudolph.

I don't like to use my blog to talk politics but I do have something I have to say.  If you have followed my blogs, Mostly Paper Dolls and Mostly Paper Dolls Too, then you would probably know that I am a conservative Republican.  I am so tired of nasty celebrities and nasty liberals, especially women, calling decent people like me all kinds of horrible names.  Talk about a bunch of bullies.  I never voted for Bill or Barack  but when they were elected I accepted each as president and prayed for them and for the Country I love.  These people need to quit acting like spoiled children.  GOD Bless America and GOD Bless President Trump.

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