Tuesday, February 7, 2017

BRENDA STARR's Weekend Wardrobe 1941

July 6, 1941.  I hope you enjoy BRENDA STARR and Her Weekend Wardrobe.

I am so mad at my cats.  About three months ago they jumped up on the desk and knocked my printer/scanner off and broke it.  It was just a very cheap HP model that only cost $19 but it made great copies and the scanner worked fine.  So I decided to buy a more expensive model thinking it would make even better copies and scans - wrong!  It prints okay but is a terrible scanner.  I will have a very clean black and white paper doll then when I scan it all the details become black blobs.  Drat those darn cats!!

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  1. I am sorry about your printer! Cats are adorable ( I have 3 adopted as the whole litter!) and they can create havoc as well as joy! LOVE the Brenda Starr!!!!!