Sunday, February 3, 2013

VALENTINES The Children Can Cut Out And Color

 February 05, 1922.  "All children like to cut out and color valentines for their teachers and friends.  Just give them scissors, a few sheets of heavy white paper or light-weight cardboard, a lead pencil for tracing and a box of colored crayons or water colors, and they are equipped for work.  If they are old enough to use water colors their valentines will be most attractive, though very pretty ones are made with crayons.  Even the little tots who are too young to color them will enjoy cutting out a valentine for mother.  In coloring the valentines it is well to allow the children to make their own selection of colors, but mother or teacher might suggest to them where certain colors may be used.  For instance, all hearts should be made red or white, the nosegay of old-fashioned flowers in the shades of pink, blue, yellows and greens.  The slippers are colored with red and white crayons, and the heart of daisies held by the little lady on the right in yellow and white."

Give an old-fashioned valentine to someone you love or use as window displays.

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