Friday, July 12, 2013

CATS Just Wanna Have Fun - The Jolly Birds!

 September 24, 1922.  BILLY AND KITTY KAT SPEND A DAY AT THE SEASHORE.  Billy Kat seems to be very proud about something - wonder if he really went in bathing.  Do you like his boardwalk suit?  Kitty Kat's afraid the big wave will wet her new bathing suit.  Kitty wears a big hat to keep from getting freckles.  She thinks her best dress is darling.  These paper dolls are very cute after coloring.
 October 27, 1901.  Illustration by Louis Wain from a story in the children's section in a newspaper.  I call this picture "The Three Sisters Go For A Wild Ride".  The three sisters are of course, Rose, Violet and Daisy.
Postcard - no date.  Alfred Mainzer, Inc., 39 - 33, 29th Street, Long Island City, N. Y. 11101.  Printed in Belgium.  CAT BATHING BEAUTIES.

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