Monday, July 15, 2013

PHILIP I and JUANA, King & Queen of Spain

1996.  Costumes For Coloring.  Kings & Queens Around the World.  Illustrated by Jenny Williams.  Text by Laura Driscoll.  Grosset & Dunlap, New York.  "PHILIP I and JUANA, King (1504-1506) and Queen (1504-1555) of Spain.  Philip and Juana became king and queen of Spain when, in 1504, Juana inherited the throne from her mother, Queen Isabella - the very same Queen Isabella who paid for Christopher Columbus's 1492 trip across the Atlantic.  Philip died in 1506.  Juana was brokenhearted, and she was obviously not willing to say good-bye to her husband.  She toured all of Spain with his coffin, and even took Philip's corpse with her when she retired to the countryside in 1509!  She became widely known as Juana the Mad.  Her son, Charles, became king in 1517 with Juana's permission.  Officially, mother and son ruled together until Juana died in 1555.  In reality, however, Juana was too depressed to do anything but mourn for her husband."  My kind of coloring book.  Learning history while coloring great illustrations.

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