Sunday, January 12, 2014

Color JACKIE COOGAN as Rag Patch

May 05, 1925.  "Here is the JACKIE COOGAN Rag Patch cartoon that you have been waiting for.  It is all ready for nimble fingers to decorate.  Discussions heard around the city Monday night indicated that hundreds of Lima kiddies, and many grown ups too, are planning to patch Jackie's clothing and try for the awards that have been offered by the Lima News in cooperation with the Lyric theatre.  Now here is the way to start so that the cartoon will be properly decorated.  Cut out the above cartoon and paste it on a piece of cardboard.  This makes it solid and easy to work with.  The next step is the pasting on of the cloth that is to be the background of the trousers, shirt, hat and suspenders.  This background may also be painted in color.  After preparing the background little patches in bright colors and great variety should be cut out in the shapes shown in the picture and pasted in their proper places.  After the cartoon has been carefully prepared it will represent JACKIE COOGAN  in his latest picture, THE RAG MAN, to be seen at the Lyric beginning Friday."

I guess most people remember JACKIE COOGAN from the television show The Addams Family but he was also a very popular child star in the 1920's.  In this contest, kids were suppose to use scraps of fabric to create his raggedy clothes.

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