Friday, January 10, 2014

DILLY DEAR and DANNY DOVE, The Children You Are Sure To Love

October 27, 1923.  "See Dilly Dear and Danny Dove; The children you are sure to love.  They never run away from school; They never break a single rule.  They wouldn't whisper, me-oh my!  They don't know how to tell a lie.  They never cut a naughty caper; Cause why, Why 'cause they're made of paper!"

HOW TO MAKE THE PAPER TWINS;  Paste these good little Paper Twins on stiff paper, color them and cut them out.  They are to be jointed dolls, so the arms, legs and heads must be fastened to the body in such a way that they can be moved.  If the paper is not too thick, common dress snappers, such as mother uses to take the place of hooks and eyes, work nicely.  Or you can use small, double-pronged paper fasteners or just a bit of string with a tiny button or a drop of sealing wax or glue on each side to keep the knot from pulling through.  The dots show where to fasten the parts to the body.  Be sure to put both legs under Dilly Dear's skirts and Danny Dove's blouse.

"Oh! Have you found the joy it brings, To make these pretty paper things?"

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