Sunday, April 27, 2014


 August 21, 1965.  Wendy Ward invites all teens to . . . See THE BEATLES!  Win free tickets to Beatle Show at Cow Palace!  Sponsored by Montgomery Ward and the Wendy Ward Charm School.
 April 24, 1964.  A cartoon drawing of The Beatles that accompanied an article about their long hair.
April 30, 1964.  YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!  I want to be the first in my neighborhood to wear The Beatles Sneakers!

April 27, 2014.  Tonight I went to Miller Outdoor Theater to see The Beatles tribute band, THE FAB FIVE.  There was a very large crowd for a Sunday night.  I had a lot of fun.  So glad it's Miller time again.  If you plan to be in Houston check out the Miller Outdoor Theater online schedule - concerts, dance, theater, movies and other assorted fun events.

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