Friday, April 18, 2014

BUNNY Action Cut-Out, He Bounces Over the Floor.

September 19, 1915.  BUNNY Action Cut-Out.  "Directions:  Cut out the body on black line, crease paper on dotted line (tail, back and legs);  A pasted over B forms body;  paste E over E, leaving mouth open;  C D pasted in marked position completes head and puts it in position.  Paste forward legs to side of body turned forward.  Paste creased tail to hold together.  Run a black thread through dots on tail and down through black dot on back and forward through mouth and BUNNY is ready for action.  Place him on a smooth floor and give the thread a quick jerk and he then gives a bounce, flopping his tail and legs, as a real BUNNY would."
I hope someone can figure out these directions and put this funny bunny together.

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