Saturday, August 2, 2014

Little BO PEEP Cut-Out

November 05, 1922.  Little BO PEEP cut-out from the Wichita Daily Times.  Cut-outs are of  "Little BO PEEP fell fast asleep." and "Leave them alone and they'll come home." and "She found them indeed, but it made her heart bleed.  For they left their tails behind them." and "And tried what she could, as a shepherdess should, To tack to each sheep it's tail, O!"  The BO PEEP picking flowers and leaving the sheep alone has a hat, apron and a pair of shoes.  The BO PEEP crying over their lost tails has the hat at the top of the page.  The BO PEEP trying to paste the tail on the sheep has a bonnet.  The five sheep have five tails to be pasted on.  And BO PEEP's doll is glad she does not have to tend to sheep.  I think this cut-out originally appeared in Ladies Home Journal and then some newspapers reproduced it.

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