Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ROSEMARY and Dancing Doll from Aunt Elsie.

 July 04, 1920.  ROSEMARY paper doll by Aunt Elsie.

September 05, 1920.  A Dancing Doll from Aunt Elsie.  "MERRY MAKINGS.  We're taking a short, giggly rest before we go on with our old fashioned paper dolls, for of course we can't be old fashioned ALL the time.  Today we have something quite new -- a real dancing doll.  When you have pasted the parts carefully on cardboard, cut them out, jointed them and arranged on strings, she will be graceful enough to belong to the Russian Ballet.  The drawing shows plainly how she should be put together.  Connect the joints with small paper fasteners or bits of wire twisted, or cord knotted at both ends so that the ends will not pull through the cardboard.  The dresses may be colored and arranged on her in the usual way and they are so designed that no matter how she prances or kicks, she will always stay inside her clothes, which is a most convenient thing for a dancer to do when dancing!  There is a new idea even in the dresses.  Designs A and B may be arranged with tissue paper in such a way that they'll look like regular stage costumes.  They are both merely the upper parts of the dresses.  For A, cut a strip of tissue paper wide enough to reach from your dancer's waist to her knees, and long enough to pleat into a fluffy skirt.  Pleat and paste to the back of the dress -- making a costume like the one shown in the tiny sketch.  A similar plan is followed with B, which is a hula hula costume.  In B, do not pleat your paper but cut the brown or green paper into a deep fringe so that it will look like the Hawaiian's grass skirt."

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