Wednesday, June 24, 2015

JOHN PAUL JONES Doll Cut-Out from 1899.

June 18, 1899.  BRAVE PAUL JONES.  The First Naval Hero of America.  John Paul Jones, who won the first naval battle for the young republic, was born in Kirkbean, Scotland, July 6, 1747, and died at Paris, July 18, 1792.  He was the son of John Paul, a gardener.  The name Jones he assumed about 1773.  John Paul went to sea at 12, was a mate at 18, and a master a year later.  He was appointed senior first lieutenant by Congress in 1775, when the American navy was started.  After short commands on the small war sloops Alfred and Providence, he took command of the Ranger, which was built at Kittery, ME., and which was the first vessel to fly the stars and stripes.  He sailed for Europe in November 1777, took various pri-es, and captured the British man of war Drake, which lost 42 men, including the captain.  In 1779, Jones changed his flag to the Bon Homme Richard, and with three other vessels, he fought a number of engagements against the English.  For one victory, that with the Serapis and a British fleet, he received a gold sword from the king of France and the thanks of the American congress.

An appropriate History Doll for upcoming Independence Day celebrations..

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