Thursday, June 18, 2015

Paper POLLYKIN and Her Pets.

November 26, 1922.  Paper POLLYKIN and Her Pets.  POLLYKIN went into the woodlands to see what progress Mother Nature was making with her children's new fur coats.  POLLYKIN found that she had almost finished them and that their winter garments became the little creatures immensely.  Billy Brighteyes, Bobbity Bobtail and several of his children, and even Tip Tail Fox looked just fine.  Tip Tail's pelt was thick.  It looked brushed, his ear tassels were well shaken out and the tip end of his tail was snowy white.

Much as she hated to, Polly admitted that Tip Tail was a beautiful animal.  "But only to look at.  Inside, the nature of him, is not beautiful, not a bit!" said POLLYKIN emphatically.

Paper POLLYKIN surrounded by some paper pets makes an attractive toy.  Billy Brighteyes is on her shoulder.  Though Mother Nature has grown his coat thick and warm, nothing will replace the end of his tail which Tip Tail bit off when Billy Brighteyes was a wee but clever youngster.  Bobbity Bobtail and some of his many children cluster around POLLYKIN for protection against Mr. Tip Tail Fox, who stays at a safe distance licking his lips and awaiting the time when POLLYKIN shall go home.  And then - who knows? -------By Marjorie Morton.

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