Wednesday, May 14, 2014

ANN SOTHERN in the Movie Star Paper Doll Series

June 30, 1935.  ANN SOTHERN in the Movie Star Paper Doll Series.  Ann Sothern first deserted motion pictures early in her career in favor of Broadway where she made her debut with Marilyn Miller in "Smiles" and later with Zigfelds's famous "Follies."  She then created a sensation in "Of Thee I Sing" which resulted in her being offered a starring contract with Columbia in "Let's Fall In Love."  Others of her screen successes are "Melody in Spring", "Kid Millions", "Folies Bergerre" and "Blind Date".  Her latest picture is "Eight Bells" and here she is shown in lovely gowns and costumes worn in the picture together with distinctive clothes from her personal wardrobe.  (1)  This modish jacket of black taffeta may be worn with almost any sport skirt.  The trimming is of frilled white organza.  (2)  A simple sport frock of white Kasha cloth of nautical design with touches of blue at the collar and belt.  (3)  This original coat suit of light weight woolen material is strikingly enhanced with vari-colored silk and wool trimming.  Note the muffler and gloves carry out the same decorative motif.  (4)  Dusky pink moire, in regal period lines, compliments the lovely blond beauty of Miss Sothern.  (5)  Light beige flannel, highlighted with dark brown buttons, is finely tailored in this two-piece slack suit.  (6)  A new Organza frock of shirred fullness and loose flowing sleeves tightly cuffed at the wrist, worn with a dainty frilled collar.  (7)  The beaded tunic of this dinner gown is of latest fashion for it is cut longer at the back and is slashed at the sides, circled with a sash of flame colored chiffon.

This paper doll has nice clothes but she looks nothing like Ann Sothern.  All the other dolls in this series look like the movie stars they represent.  Ann Sothern was so pretty, it's a shame the artist did not try to make the doll look at least a little like Miss Sothern.

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