Wednesday, May 21, 2014


 July 08, 1947.  License To Operate Motor Vehicle for Yellowstone National Park.
 Old Faithful.
 July 09, 1947.  I had to include the photo of the bear.
 Tower Falls.
July 09, 1947.  Here is a photo of one of the couples at Yellowstone National Park.

I was lucky enough to purchase a scrapbook at a school garage sale.  Two couples went on vacation together, leaving Houston on July 03, 1947 and traveled  through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, arriving at Banff, Canada on July 13, 1947.  They left Banff and traveled through Idaho, Washington, Utah, Arizona and arrived back in Houston on July 26, 1947.  The album is full of photos, postcards, menus and other assorted paper ephemera.  They had one terrific vacation.  I LOVE this scrapbook.

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