Friday, May 16, 2014

HELEN VINSON in the Movie Star Paper Doll Series

June 23, 1935.  The outstanding work of Helen Vinson in "Her Wedding Night", a United Artists picture in which she is co-starred with Anna Stern and Gary Cooper, has marked as one of the screen's most promising young artists.  Her ability and distinctive blonde beauty have won many friends and here she is shown with several of the lovely gowns and costumes worn in the production together with a sport ensemble and street dress from her personal wardrobe.  (1)  What woman wouldn't adore this lovely dressing gown of rose velvet with its quilted satin collar.  It is trimmed with gold frogs and gold fringed sash.  (2)  This simple street dress of white crepe de chine is also appropriate for sports wear.  It is neatly decorated with black satin ribbon and worn with a patent leather belt.  (3)  This hostess gown of rose crepe is almost devoid of decoration and for its modish grace relies entirely on the novel drape of the sleeves and skirt.  (4)  These lounging pajamas of heavy ripple weave crepe of peach color are worn with a lovely olive green coat.  The tie and belt are of silver cloth.  (5)  This new spring print is typical of the season's styles.  The multi-colored plaid design is especially new and attractive, typical of the clothes worn by Hollywood stars.  (6)  The sports woman will particularly like this golfing ensemble of beige knit sweater with crew neck and brown wool skirt which is worn with a mauve suede leather jacket by Helen Vinson.  Embroidered initials of the wearer are a new fad.

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