Saturday, June 14, 2014


 March 1976.  McCall's Magazine, page 57.  A very pretty Farrah Fawcett in an ad for Wella Balsam Shampoo.  I remember using that shampoo.
 1979.  I went to lots of movie screenings when I was a teenager.  I would call in to different radio stations here in Houston and win tickets to go to local screenings.  The radio stations would give away posters, T-shirts, movie cards (such as this one) and other assorted goodies at the movies - big fun!  SUNBURN was one of the movies I won tickets to go see.  A rather silly movie which only required that Farrah look good.  Eventually Farrah received movie roles in which she proved she was a good actress and not just a pretty face.  I truly admired how this Texan battled against her cancer - a battle she unfortunately  lost.

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