Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Wicked Water-Sprite, Little Brother, Magical Water-Cat and Other Cut-Out Props from THE WATER SPRITE.

 July 30 & 31 and August 01, 1925.  Here is the Wicked Water-Sprite.  Color her dresses to look as much like water as possible and don't forget to color her cloak of swiftness.  If you have read the tale of THE WATER-SPRITE then you know the purpose of the bucket and ax.
 August 03 thru August 05, 1925.  Little Brother paper doll is ready to join his sister.  How can they escape from the wicked Water-Sprite?  Maybe the magical Water-Cat can help!
August 06 thru August 08, 1925.  Here are the Magical Water-Cat, a comb, a brush and a mirror and the well outside the children's home.  How did the Magical Water-Cat use the comb, brush and mirror to help the children escape?  The well represents the lesson Little Brother and Little Sister learned from their ordeal - To stay away from the edge of the well.

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