Sunday, June 8, 2014


 October 08, 1983.  "Here's an action scene for you to color as two Justice Leaguers aid the Man of Steel!  You'd better have a GREEN crayon ready because there are a lot of things that color in this picture.  How many can you find?"  Superman gets help from the Green Lantern and the Green Arrow as Lex Luther does his thing.
February 19, 1983.  "Jimmy Olsen is also a master of disguise and often hides his real identity in order to cover a big story!  Here are Jimmy's normal clothes, plus his private eye and cowboy disguises.  Color them all and cut them out!  Then you can send Jimmy in search of scoops!  Paste Jimmy on cardboard and save him!  Future Sunday Specials will feature other members of our Superman family!"

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