Sunday, August 4, 2013

ALICE in Wonderland Cutout

November 14, 1956.  Famous Book Friends.  ALICE in Wonderland.  "One afternoon in 1826 a young mathematics professor at Oxford, England, Charles L. Dodgson, began to tell three little girls a story.  He told how one of the girls, ALICE, dreamed she followed a rabbit down a rabbit hole, and of the strange adventures she had there.  That story became world-famous as ALICE in Wonderland under the professor's pen name of Lewis Carroll.  Here is ALICE with some of the characters she met.  In her arms she holds the Duchess's baby, which she rescued from a kitchen full of pepper.  Then the baby suddenly turned into a pig, which trotted away when she put it down.  In the tree is the Cheshire cat, which followed her around, grinning broadly.  When you color this with your crayons make ALICE's dress light blue, her apron and stockings white and her hair golden yellow.  Paste the picture down on cardboard and cut out the parts carefully.  Cut the slits along the sides of ALICE's left arm as indicated so the pig can be slipped into her arms.  Fold back the end panels and ALICE will stand."  Okay, now I am going to have Grace Slick singing White Rabbit in my head all day!

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