Saturday, August 3, 2013


November 28, 1955.  "Books are tickets to the far corners of the world---real magic carpets.  And in books you may meet friends that you will keep all your life.  One of these friends may be HEIDI, a little girl from the Swiss Alps.  HEIDI was an orphan left with her grandfather, an old man living alone in a mountain hut.  He was not friendly with the villagers, and he didn't want HEIDI to live with him.  But HEIDI was a spirited and fearless little girl.  She won the affection of the old man, and made a happy life for herself and all who knew her.  You will enjoy sharing HEIDI's adventures, and meeting the people and friendly goats who are also in the book."

"Paste this picture on cardboard and color with crayons.  Cut out the parts carefully.  Fold the left panel back at the dotted line and fold the right one forward.  Now HEIDI will stand.  Paste the goat's hind legs behind the front part, spread the two parts and the goat will stand.  Put it close beside HEIDI so she can put her arms around the goat."    This HEIDI Cut-Out was one of a series that appeared in newspapers of characters from children's books.

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