Monday, August 19, 2013

Gen. George Armstrong Custer

August 20, 1899.  "Gen. George Armstrong Custer was a gallant soldier, who won distinction in several campaigns of the Civil War.  After Lee's surrender he was made a brevet major general of volunteers, and was conspicuous in the west as an Indian fighter.  His last fight was against the hostile Sioux in June, 1876.  At that time he was lieutenant colonel in command of the 7th Cavalry, and was sent by Gen. Terry against a band of Indians in the Little Big Horn valley in the Yellowstone park country.  On June 25th, the day before Gen. Terry and Col. Gibbons had appointed to arrive, Custer ordered an attack.  He had divided his command into three parallel columns, under Capt. Benteen, Major Reno and himself.  Capt. McDougall was left to guard the pack train.  Reno was first over the Little Big Horn and was defeated, retreating across the river, where he was joined by Benteen and McDougall.  Custer had proceeded in a more northerly direction, crossed the river, and was surrounded and every one of his command killed.  With Custer fell his brother Thomas, 12 officers, 247 enlisted men, three Indian scouts and several civilians."  Another terrific HISTORY DOLL - I have several on my old blog.

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