Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Snappiest Dresser in the Neighborhood.

August 1956.  McCall's Magazine.  Carter's Ad.  "How to be a snappy dresser.  Once upon a time I was the slowest dresser in the neighborhood.  You could tell because my carriage was the very last one out every day.  Now I didn't mind for myself, so much.  But Mother's pretty busy - and she could have had a lot more time for showing me off if she'd found out about Carter's snap-fastened shirts sooner!  When I got my first tooth, my favorite aunt surprised us with these very special soft cotton knit shirts.  They had two shiny snappers down the front that never got lost in the washing machine.  And they were from Carter's, just like all my other nice, cozy things.  Click, click went the snaps around my middle . . . and quick as a click I was dressed!  Now we're always first out of the house, Mother and I.  And everyone calls me the snappiest dresser in the neighborhood!"

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